šŸ“ØSharing your Page with Prospects

Now that you've got a unique sales page created for each prospect in your campaign, it's time to get your offer in front of them!

For one off messages, you can search for your prospect in the lead table and copy the link directly.

If you share your link in a LinkedIn DM, it will expand to show the rich preview you set up in the page editor:

Of course, you can also paste the link into an email, Twitter DM, Text, or any other place you are reaching out to leads.

Cuda gets really powerful when you integrate it with your outbound automation tool. To share at scale, hit Export Leads to get a CSV that includes all of the original lead data you imported along with the url of each leads custom page. Now you can take your CSV and upload it to your outbound automation tool of choice.

Personally, I use Instantly.ai so I'll demonstrate that process but the process should generalize for any outbound tool.

Within the CSV upload tool, I map all of my fields like normal as well as set a custom variable for the Campaign's Sales Page:

Now when I'm drafting my email copy, I can link to a lead's custom page:

And with that, your on your way to more deals!

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