🚀Creating a Campaign

A campaign in Cuda is not dissimilar from how you'd think about a campaign in your outbound automation tool. In fact it often makes sense to map these 1:1 to the campaigns you are running in your outbound tool.

To launch a campaign, you'll need

(1) A list of leads you want to target, along with any custom attributes you'll want to include on their custom sales page. At a minimum, you'll need their email as that's how we uniquely identify leads in our system. But if you want to address them by name and reference their company, you'll want to include a "First Name" and "Company Name" field in your upload.

(2) A cohesive offer / message you want to deliver to them. By breaking out your campaigns based on the unique campaign copy, you'll be able to better track & test results. Moreover, since pages are campaign specific, if you have a coherent set of messaging across your campaign it will make it easier to line up the content on your page to match the offer in your outbound.

From the campaign tab, hit "Create Campaign"

Next, you'll be prompted to upload a CSV of your lead list, map the fields, and name your campaign.

Once you've finished your upload, you'll land on the dashboard of your new campaign.

You won't have any data or activity to look at yet as you haven't created & sent out your pages. First, hop over to Leads subtab of this campaign to verify that everything imported correctly.

Now that you've got your leads uploaded, you're ready to create & customize your campaign's sales page.

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