🤑For reps preparing to take instant calls

If you’re reading this, you’re on your way to experience the magic of instant sales calls. If you haven't watched it already, start with the overview video so you know what to expect once you're all set up:

Setting up your Cuda Account

Now that you’ve seen the overview, I’m going to show you how to set up an account. Your marketing and/or revops lead will likely handle setting up your lead capture form and make sure it’s included on your website and in your campaigns.

In this video, I’ll walk through how you can create a new account, connect your video conferencing solution of choice, and start taking instant calls.

You can also reference this setup checklist:


What if a lead comes through for an instant call and no one on my team notices or is available?

After waiting for 60 seconds, we’ll let the lead know that your team was busier than expected and prompt them to book a time on your calendar.

What if too many unqualified leads come through seeking instant calls?

We offer routing functionality to filter out unqualified leads. Work with your Marketing / RevOps lead to update your routing rules.

What if existing customers come through seeking support?

Work with your Marketing / RevOps lead to update your routing rules and send existing customers to your help docs or support.

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