🟦67% LinkedIn DM CTR w/ Dynamic Previews

While LinkedIn DMs don't scale quite like email outreach, we've still been able to create a meaningful number of opportunities through it since the conversion rates are so high.

One benefit of LinkedIn (and other social platforms) is that they unfurl a link to show the meta image & title as a link preview. Using Cuda's dynamic link preview functionality, you'll be able to customize the meta image & title to encourage more prospects to click your link and boost your positive reply rate.

To set it up, open the page editor for the template you want to customize. Navigate from the Content tab to the Settings tab. There you'll find the Link Sharing Preview settings.

By default, we include your organization's workspace icon & your prospect's company's logo. For the caption, we use the header content from your Cuda page.

You can write your own custom caption using custom variables from your lead table (shown below) as well as including other custom images like your prospect's profile picture if you have it.

Once you've finished customizing the image, you can similar customize the link's header & description content:

To confirm it's working, you can take your Cuda url to https://www.opengraph.xyz/ to see how it will look on different platforms:

Once you've verified it's working correctly, start sharing them with prospects in LinkedIn and see the opportunities roll in 😎

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