🕴️Agency Plan - Managing Cuda for your clients

The Cuda agency plan makes it easy to manage outbound on behalf of several clients from one login. You can set up a separate workspace for each of your clients with custom branding and distinct analytics and reporting within each workspace.

Upon onboarding to Cuda, you created your first workspace (you may have done this under your agencies name for outbound you're doing to sell your own services, or you may have done this under one of your client's names). Either is fine as I'm now going to show you how to add additional workspaces.

In the top left of your dashboard, click on your organization name:

In the drop down, you'll see the option to Add Workspace.

You'll be asked to name your workspace, upload a brand logo, set up some custom branding, and you're all set.

Once you've created multiple workspaces, you'll have the option to toggle between them from the same drop down as you see in my example above.

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