🏗️Setting Up Cuda for your Team

Welcome to Cuda! If you’re reading this, you’ve been tasked with setting up Cuda for your company so your sales team can experience the magic of instant sales calls. If you haven't watched the introduction video, watch it now to get an overview.

Step 1 - Set up your lead capture form

First, you’ll want to customize your lead capture form to fit your company brand. Someone from the Cuda team will likely have already done this for you but you’re welcome to make any design updates you want! I’ll also cover in this video how you can connect Cuda to Hubspot.

Step 2 - Set up lead routing

By default, every incoming lead will be given the option to launch an instant video call with your team. You may decide that rather than sending everyone to instant calls, you want to redirect some folks to an external url (like your help docs) or just share a message that you’ll follow up at another time.

You may also have different sales reps who respond to different customer inquires based on the company type or the product they’re looking for.

In this video, I’ll share how you can set up lead routing rules so you ensure you send every lead to the right place.

Step 3 - Set up notifications

As you may have seen in the intro video, we notify your team of incoming call requests via Slack.

We send our slack notifications to a special channel we made called #cuda-incoming-calls. Of course, you can name your slack channel whatever you like. What’s important is that you add all of the relevant sales reps to that channel so they get notified when calls come through.

To connect slack, go to Settings and under Queue Settings you can pick the queue you want to set up notification for. Each Queue can connect to its own slack channel incase you want a separate place to send notifications.

Hit Connect Slack Channel and follow the instructions to link Slack.

Step 4 - Invite your teammates

Now you’re ready to invite your sales team to Cuda. Go to SettingsMembersInvite. From there, you can invite your sales team via email.

Additionally you can share this onboarding guide we made: For reps preparing to take instant calls

Step 5 - Share your Cuda Lead Form

Once your sales team has set up their accounts, it’s time to start taking instant calls through Cuda! You can add Cuda to your website and include it as part of your outbound email campaigns.

These easiest way to share Cuda with prospects is to share a link to cuda.io/{yourOrg’sName}.

If you want to embed Cuda directly onto a page of your website, you can go to Meeting PageShare and copy the embed code.

You may want to track additional UTM parameters to know more about where your traffic is coming from. You can add UTM parameters to your Cuda page by appending them to the end of the url. For example, cuda.io/{yourOrg'sName}?utm_medium=linkedin.

You can see a full list of the UTM parameters we listen for in the Share panel:

If you're using an embedded form and want to track UTM parameters,

  1. add id="cudaEmbed" to the iframe embed

  2. Add this javascript code either inside the head <head>…add script here</head> or inside at the end of the body <body>…all content…add script here</body>

<script type="application/javascript">
const iframe = document.getElementById("cudaEmbed");
if(iframe){iframe.src = iframe.src + window.location.search;}

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