💡Cuda Outbound Overview

Welcome to Cuda Landing Pages! I'll keep the intro brief, but I think it's helpful to get the lay of the land as far as how our dashboard is laid out. I shared a screenshot of a fresh account below:

The left navigation is broken up into 3 parts. (1) Meeting Queues (2) Inbound (3) Outbound.

If you're just here to generate custom landing pages for your outbound campaigns, you can ignore Meeting Queues & Inbound altogether, as well as Availability. In fact, we may have already disabled those from your dashboard to keep things simple. If you're curious about what those are, you can learn more here -> Cuda Instant Calls Overview. If you don't have inbound features enabled, and want to try it out, just let us know.

Now that we've covered what you don't need to care about, we can look at what you really came here for. Under Outbound, you have

(1) Home: When you're just getting started, the home dashboard will have your onboarding checklist with all the steps you need to get started. Once you've completed those steps, it will have your most recent campaigns & activity so you can jump straight back into the action from where you left off.

(2) Activity: A chronological list of all of the leads taking action on one of your custom landing pages.

(3) Campaigns: The campaign tab has analytics showing your conversion funnel across all of your campaigns, as well as campaign specific breakdowns.

This is also the launch pad for creating new campaigns, importing new leads, and creating / customizing new lead pages.

Now that you understand how the product is laid out, let's launch your first campaign.

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