🎨Customizing your Campaign's Page

Now that we have our leads, we're on to the fun part. Creating a Page for the campaign. Navigate to Pages and hit Add Page.

You'll land on our page editor where you can build out a custom sales one pager for your campaign.

You'll notice that you can insert custom variables like {{firstName}} and {{companyName}} in the editor that will pull custom data for each lead.

You can preview with lead data to see what the page will look like when the variables are swapped out with custom data from any given lead:

Once nice thing about Cuda is that you can update the page at any time. So if you start sending out pages and realize you want to make a change, you'll be able to come back and update it and the changes will reflect on links even if you've already sent them out.

Once you're done editing your page, make sure to Publish Changes and then choose Back to leads.

You'll land back on the campaign lead page we looked at before, but now you'll see all of your leads have a personalized page (note - if you forgot to name your page it will show up as "Untitled Page". The page name isn't customer facing so that's okay, but you can always go back and rename it):

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