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October 3

Introducing Agency Accounts!

One account, many workspaces. By far, our most requested feature... client workspaces are finally here!

Most outbound tools we've used have not been optimized for agency use. You have to either set up different accounts for each client, or share one big messy account.

Not anymore.

On an agency account, you can easily create new workspaces (or sub-account) for each of your clients. Each workspace has:

  • Custom brand theme & logos

  • Custom domain (coming soon)

  • Campaigns & pages

  • Reporting & analytics

If you're an agency, you can try it out free today.

Have questions? Schedule a call - we'd love to chat.

More about workspaces

September 29

Dynamic, branded social preview images

Want to stand out on Linkedin messaging? This feature is for you. Cuda pages now come with a customizable, auto-generated unique image preview for every single lead.

Just share the link as usual - Cuda will automatically pull in your branding, logos, and the lead's company logo. You could even add in the lead's profile picture, if you want.

To try it out, open a Page and click Settings.

Click Edit Dynamic Image to view customization options. Publish changes and share your link to see the dynamic preview image!

See how we used Dynamic images to get a 67% CTR on LinkedIn

September 28

We added support to embed a Microsoft booking url in your personalized page.

Just add a "Calendar Embed" to your page as usual and select "Microsoft Booking".

To customize how your embed appears, update your settings in Microsoft.

NOTE: tracking activities are not supported for Microsoft Booking links. If you would like to track scheduling conversions on your page, please use one of the other providers.

September 27

Copy an existing page from a different campaign

September 21

NEW: Embed your Calendar!

We added a Calendar embed section to campaign pages!

Now you can easily add your calendar to any personalized page and share it with your leads. Got a positive reply from a previous email? Shoot over a 1:1 personalized booking page with their face on it. Have a long-form sales letter page? Add a calendar embed at the bottom.

When a lead views a page with a Calendar embed, you will see their booking activity start to show in your activity feed.

We currently support:

  • Calendly.com

  • Cal.com

  • Hubspot Meetings

Note: formatting options & trackable activity varies between each of these platforms.

Also new: We added a "You have unpublished changes" badge

If you have unpublished changes and click to preview a lead page, your changes will not show on the page until the changes are published. It's easy to forget this so we added a little orange badge that tells you "you have unpublished changes!"

If you want to preview a lead's page, you don't want your own activity to throw off your analytics.

Previously, activity on a page wasn't tracked only if you are logged into your Cuda account.

Now, we alo added a preview flag to your url that means no activity will be tracked.

If you click a link from the Page Preview (see above image), it will automatically mark it as a preview and your activity won't be tracked.

If you want to see your activity tracked, you can visit the page in Incognito mode or a signed-out browser, and remove ?preview=true from the url.

Hope that helps!

September 18

NEW: Variable Fallbacks

What happens if you have an empty field in your lead data?

Now you can add a fallback value, so your lead doesn't get the dreaded "Hey {{firstName}},"

How to use variable fallbacks

Inside the double brackets, add a | followed by the fallback value.

  • Example: Hey {{firstName|there}}

  • Result: "Hey Chris," or "Hey there,"

  • Example: I noticed you work with companies in {{location | my neighborhood}}

  • Result: "I noticed you work with companies in Austin, TX" or "I notice you work with companies in my neighborhood"

It will work with or without spaces.

Here's a quick walkthrough:

NEW: Image Sections!

You can now add Images to your campaign pages!

We added two ways to insert images into your personalized page:

1. Single Image

Add an image via url or image upload. Adjust the width & height or make it automatically fill the width of the page.

OR, you can insert a dynamic variable to customize your image for each lead!

2. Image 🤝 Image

We also added a preset section that displays two images with an emoji in the middle.

A hard one to explain, but here's an example:

You can set one or both images to be dynamic variables and customize the emoji in the middle. Some things that we recommend experimenting with:

  • Lead's company logo,

  • Lead's LinkedIn image

  • Company website screenshot

  • anything else that could make the page feel custom built for your lead!

Sept 14.

Custom properties on the Leads Table

Now you can see all of your custom properties from your CSV upload in your Campaign Leads Table!

You can show & hide specific columns to get a custom view. This view will autosave for the next time you come back.

An example use-case is to display the LinkedIn url for each lead so you can quickly work through a list for manual outreach.

Sept 12.

Track your conversions with Google Tag Manager

We added support for Click tracking on your Instant Calls page

PS: If you want to get this set up, message sam@cuda.io with your GTM ID

Improvements & bug fixes

  • fixed a bug on user invite that was causing an infite "loading user"

  • Updated homepage, navbar, and footer to include links to the new Personalized Page product.

Sept. 11

BIG UPDATE: Improved Page Editor!

An easy drag n' drop editor for fully customizable pages

More powerful, more customizable, and a heck of a lot easier. We just launched the new page builder interface and it has some exciting updates.

PS: don't want to read? Here's a video of me walking through the new editor.

Here's what you can do:

Add external URL to CTA button

Choose between a "Schedule Popup" and "External URL" for your CTA.

Add, duplicate, & delete Page Sections

Add as many headers, CTA panels, testimonials, videos as you want. You can re-order sections, and completely customize your page.

New Rich Content section!

This is sneaky powerful. Add freeform, formatted content to your page. Write longform content with headlines, links, and bullet points.

Easily access your custom variables

Click "Custom Variables" to get a live list of the variables you have available for the leads in this campaign. Click to copy/paste

Preview variables in the Social Preview

Now, if you select a lead, you can see their data live in the social preview.

New "Sales Letter" and "Blank" template

When you create a new page, you can now choose these options as starting points:

  • Video Sales Page - customized page with embedded video and Calendar Pop-up CTA.

  • Sales Letter Page - a direct sales letter style page. Customize your pitch for each lead.

  • Blank page - start from scratch and customize how you want!

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